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Castelrosso – Salvacremasco Cow’s Milk Cheese


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Semi matured

Delivered in vacuum pack

Also available in our shop Bianca Mora in Borough Market, London, Uk


Product Description

Long matured, semi-hard cheese produced with whole cow’s milk (acidified).

White colour with a slightly granular structure. It becomes softer as it matures. The flavour is fine, delicate and complex. Becoming slightly sharper as it matures.

The cheese is aged in humid and cool rooms on white pine shelves for a period which can vary from 30 to 90 days.

Rind: Smooth and clear in the young cheese, it becomes dark, grey/green and wrinkled as it matures. Long matured cheese can have yellow mould. The company mark “TR” is printed on one side. The rind is not edible.

Additional Information

Weight N/A

Cow Milk, salt, rennet, lactobacillus

Allergen Declaration

Milk and products containing milk (including lactose)


In the fridge from 0° to 4° or it can be stored in cool and humid place.

Consumption Directions

Room temperature. Inedible rind. Eat after removing rind


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