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Pecorino semi soft sheep`s milk cheese


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Semi soft sheep`s milk cheese

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Product Description

An ivory coloured, tender and compact cheese. Feels silky in the mouth.

The flavour is delicate with more pronounced streaks thanks to the sheep’s milk.

Made with sheep’s milk pasteurised at 72°C, cooling at 32°- 35°C.

Cheese cultures are added and mixture is left to ferment, after which rennet is added and the mixture coagulates.The curd is broken up and drained into moulds. The cheese is stewed in a hot environment and then brined and dried in cold room at 6°-8°C. The surface is treated and the second maturation is achieved in a room with a controlled temperature.


Additional Information

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Pasteurized sheep\'s milk, milk enzymes, rennet of veal, salt. Treated on the rind whit flax seed oil. Rice flour on the rind.

Allergen Declaration

Allergens in the product (DIR. 89/03 CEE all.3): milk and its by-products – pasteurised sheep milk (ingredient).


In the fridge from 0° to 4° or it can be stored in cool and humid place.

Consumption Directions

Room temperature. Inedible rind. Eat after removing rind


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