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Coppa – italian charcuterie


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Product Description

The Seasoned Coppa, also called capocollo is a sausage made with pig neck muscles, located between at the junction of the head and the fourth rib of the loin, it is a typical Italian production with some regional variations.
To produce the Seasoned Coppa we trim and de-grease the neck muscle, after which we proceed with salting, through massaging the product vigorously with salt, pepper, garlic and other spices; This very long and delicate phase allows the salt to penetrate into the centre of the Coppa.
Then the Coppa is placed in vats of salting and left in the refrigerating rooms for six weeks; at the end of this period, the Coppa is removed from the brine, wrapped in natural bowels and tightly tied.

The taste is sweet and delicate, and slightly savoury.



Additional Information

Weight N/A

Pork meat, salt

Consumption Directions

Room temperature.


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