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Gluten free Salami Strolghino – “Plain”


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Gluten and Lactose free

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Product Description

This small salami is handcrafted using the leanest part of the heavy Italian pork’s legs, the same used for the best seasoned hams. It is sacked into a thin gut (4cm) that accelerates the seasoning. The low-fat mixture, the delicate taste and the special sweetness whet your appetite. 

It should be eaten when soft with bread or crouton, as a starter with a glass of wine. It is better if you keep it refrigerated or in some other fresh places, avoiding places too much dry.





Additional Information

Weight N/A

Pork meat, salt, herbs and spices, preservative: E252

Allergen Declaration

preservative: E252


In the fridge from 0° to 4°

Consumption Directions

Room temperature. Inedible rind. Eat after removing rind


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