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Pancetta arrotolata – italian charcuterie


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Product Description

Pancetta Arrotolata (Rolled Bacon) comes from the fat part of the pig that, once sliced, is salted, put to rest, massaged and finally folded onto itself. Then, it is folded like a book, to prevent air infiltration. The aging phase is next, which lasts about three months. The fragrance of high quality pork meat, cured with care by skilled craftsmen who are dedicated it, is enhanced by a perfect balance of spices and aromas. At the end of this process the Pancetta Arrotolata takes its characteristic color: red on lean meat and white on the fat part. It also acquires a delicate and sweet taste, a soft texture and an unmistakable aroma.

nice on pizza or grill



Additional Information

Weight N/A

Pork meat, salt

Consumption Directions

Room temperature.


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