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Gluten free Salami – “Nostrano”


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Gluten and Lactose free

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Also available in our shop Bianca Mora in Borough Market, London, Uk


Product Description

From free range pigs, only the most noble and valuable cuts are selected to be matured according to the old tradition.

Only great raw materials combined with time can give surprising outcomes and never the same, this is the beauty and the goodness of the products processed completely by hand, but one feature will always stay the same: the Flavour …. unique and unmistakable.





Additional Information

Weight N/A

Pork meat, salt, herbs and spices, preservative: E252

Allergen Declaration

preservative: E252


In the fridge from 0° to 4°

Consumption Directions

Room temperature. Inedible rind. Eat after removing rind


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