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Truffle cow`s milk cheese


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Semi matured, semi – soft

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Product Description

Its name comes from its type of treatment. This cheese is produced with two different kinds of milking, the morning and the evening milk. This happens because the cow’s morning milk is richer in cream, which gives the dough its softness. During the process, several little flakes of truffle, the main characteristic of this cheese, are poured into the milk.
It is left ageing for 4-5 months and is preserved by being protected from moulds and parasites under boiled oak ash.
It is a whole cow’s milk, seasoned for about 4-5 months.
Its dough is particularly soft and it has an unmistakable scent of truffle mixed with the aroma of ash.

Additional Information

Weight N/A

Cow Milk, salt, animal rennet, Truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) (0.7%), aroma

Allergen Declaration

Milk and products thereof (including lactose)


In the fridge from 0° to 4° or it can be stored in cool and humid place.

Consumption Directions

Room temperature. Inedible rind. Eat after removing rind


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